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Mishloach Manos Labels - Custom - sold by the sheet

Regular price $7.50

Choose printed or foilstamped, white or clear sticker to see the price per sheet.

Choose your shape and size. 

Don't know how many sheets to order? Here are some sample sizes. If you are not sure how many sheets to purchase for your shape and size contact us via text or whatsapp 845-445-8577.

1.5" circles - 24 on a page, 1.75” circles - 20 on a page, 2" circles - 13 on a page, 2.5" circles - 9 on a page, 3" circles - 6 on a page

1.5" squares - 24 on a page, 1.75” squares - 20 on a page, 2" squares - 12 on a page, 2.5" squares - 6 on a page, 3" squares - 6 on a page 

Choose your font and let us know the theme to choose a pattern or image or email us the image you want at

Custom. Easy. Done!

Of course we don’t print till you confirm a sample picture sent to you.